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Senseo Original XL

Single Serve Coffee Appliance.

Uniquely designed, this coffeemaker brews a single serving of fresh gourmet coffee at the touch of a button. Because the machine uses premeasured coffee pods, the system is hassle-free, is easy to clean, and guarantees a flavorful, fresh brew each time. The coffeemaker is shaped like a curved cylinder with a round base. Two pod holders are included: a shallow holder that holds one coffee pod for one cup, and a deeper filter that holds two pods for two cups (or one 8-ounce mug).

Unique to Senseo is the rich crema produced with each delicious cup. The crema is pure coffee, created from the pressurized brewing, there is no milk added.

Senseo Coffee Pad Appliance Features

The Senseo Original XL single serve coffee appliance has a unique patented pressurized brewing system that brews a fresh cup of coffee in under a minute.

  • XL Water Tank

    Holds over 40oz of water.

  • Intensity Select Buttons

    Double press the single or double button for a shorter, more intense cup of coffee.

  • Coffee Boosting Technology

    45 water dispensing holes deliver a fuller extraction of the coffee.

  • Metal Drip Tray

Biodegradable and compostable coffee pods!

With Senseo coffee pods, you can brew with confidence knowing you are using biodegradable and compostable coffee pods! Senseo's eco-friendly coffee machines are composed of recycled plastics engineered to produce delicious coffee and still remain environmentally friendly. High quality, durability, perfectly brewed coffee with minimal environmental impact.


Makkinga Market - Senseo Canadian Distributors

The Makkinga Market is a European grocery store located in Ponoka, Alberta. We are the Canadian distributors of the Senseo coffee machine as well as Senseo coffee pods.  If you are interested in purchasing any amount of machines or pods, you may call or email us anytime to discuss pricing.  We can arrange the shipping for you, or you may take care of the shipping yourself. We look forward to doing business with you!

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